• “The genius of Uncharted might be a Nobel laureate, a chef, an author or a scientist — or it might be you. That's because Uncharted is unscripted and spontaneous.”
    Bay Area News Group
  • “Uncharted: where enlightened speakers and prominent thinkers spark conversations that ride unexpected moments of brilliance.” Festival-goer
  • “On full display at Uncharted was this incredible ethos of innovation, curiosity and abhorrence for the status quo.”
    UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks
  • “There's an excitement to seeing great thinkers consider questions they haven't heard before, working out their ideas in real time.” Lance Knobel, Uncharted Curator
  • “A delectable spread of ideas on the edge, tapped from the fertile environment of Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area.” UrbDeZine
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