• “The genius of Uncharted might be a Nobel laureate, a chef, an author or a scientist — or it might be you. That's because Uncharted is unscripted and spontaneous.”
    Bay Area News Group
  • “Uncharted: where enlightened speakers and prominent thinkers spark conversations that ride unexpected moments of brilliance.” Festival-goer
  • “On full display at Uncharted was this incredible ethos of innovation, curiosity and abhorrence for the status quo.”
    UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks
  • “There's an excitement to seeing great thinkers consider questions they haven't heard before, working out their ideas in real time.” Lance Knobel, Uncharted Curator
  • “A delectable spread of ideas on the edge, tapped from the fertile environment of Berkeley and the San Francisco Bay Area.” UrbDeZine
    • Uncharted 2015: We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

      We’ve just finished two packed days of Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas. It was a whirlwind of inspiring, thought-provoking conversations, incredible pop-up performances, engaging Uncharted Labs, and a thoroughly social, convivial party.

      We’ll be publishing photos from Uncharted soon (check Berkeleyside for a brief report), and we’ll have a flow of videos and podcasts from this year’s Uncharted.

      Remember to keep your eyes open for news of the 2016 Uncharted. We plan to announce the dates early in the year. Sign up for our mailing list to make sure you get the latest news.

      And we’re always interested in hearing your feedback on ways to improve Uncharted. Just drop us an email.

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