• Uncharted, October 24-25, 2014

      The Berkeley Festival of Ideas

      What do you think of when you think about Berkeley? It’s a city with a resonance far beyond the Bay Area.

      The name evokes new ways of thinking, challenging the status quo, optimism about the future.

      Uncharted is an exciting new ideas festival that gathers some of the world’s great thinkers together to engage with each other and with you.

      Who are you? You’re intellectually curious, keen to help shape the future. An “infovore”, in other words. You want to grapple with our society’s challenges, see inspiring technology in action, and come away bursting with ideas for change and action.

      Uncharted is an unrivaled opportunity to answer the question, “What’s next?”


      Meet some of our speakers.

      Learn more about Uncharted.

      Buy your tickets now.

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