Uncharted was founded in 2013 as the Bay Area’s first ideas festival. It brings you together with some of the world’s great thinkers for two thrilling days of discussion, debate, and workshops designed to engage and inspire.A production of Berkeleyside, Berkeley’s independent news website, Uncharted evolved out of the belief that the most intriguing ideas — and solutions to today’s big challenges — emerge from the collision of different visions and perspectives.

Uncharted attendees are privy to — and invited to join in — a dynamic exchange of ideas between prominent thinkers representing technology, science, culture, politics, education, food, public policy, business, economics, the environment, and other subjects that dominate our lives.

Uncharted is not a series of lectures. Stimulating conversations and creative exploration — both in the auditorium and in break-out workshops — dominate, and there is ample opportunity to mingle, schmooze, and make new friends.

Hosted in Berkeley’s thriving downtown Arts District, Uncharted also offers a series of pop-up performances as ‘sorbet’ moments between the conversations. They include music, dance, comedy, spoken word, and more.

A key part of the Uncharted festival is its opening night cocktail party, always held in a beautiful venue with live music, delicious food and great drinks.

Uncharted is guaranteed to be stimulating, surprising, and fun. It’s a festival of ideas — offered to you at a fraction of the cost of other “idea conferences.” Join us!


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