Whether it’s Christian Picciolini talking about deradicalizing neo-Nazis, Allyson Hobbs exploring the history of racial passing, Leslie Berlin uncovering the early days of Silicon Valley, or Bandak Lul explaining the refugee experience, you’ll find a mix of speakers and ideas at Uncharted unlike anywhere else.

Unscripted, unpredictable, Uncharted.

Uncharted co-curators Lance Knobel and Helena Brantley. Photo: Kelly Sullivan

Uncharted is co-curated by Lance Knobel and Helena Brantley. Lance, a founder of Berkeleyside, has curated Uncharted since its founding in 2013. Helena has been working with Uncharted since 2015.

Berkeleyside, the award-winning, independent local news website, founded Uncharted in 2013 in the belief that the most intriguing ideas — and solutions to today’s big challenges — emerge from the collision of different visions and perspectives.

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