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Author: Tracey Taylor

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by Emily Wilson

SF Weekly, Oct. 23, 2017 Founder Lance Knobel and co-curator Helena Brantley note dryly that organizers for similar events simply Google “most interesting speakers for your festival.” Christian Picciolini, the founder of peace advocacy group Life After Hate, on his former life as a white supremacist. Author Mychal Denzel Smith on Black masculinity. Rick Wilson,

by Maya Mirsky

J-WEEKLY / 10.18.17 / By Maya Mirsky — In Berkeley this month, a former neo-Nazi will stand up to warn people that that the bigots in the headlines of today are essentially the skinheads of yesterday — with the same message and the same hope for a violent future. “We need to stop calling it

by Marta Yamamoto

EAST BAY TIMES / By Marta Yamamoto —The fifth year of Uncharted, the Berkeley Festival of Ideas, on Oct. 27 and 28 at Berkeley Repertory Theater and Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse, will have a new co-curator and new conversations that promise to live up to the slogan “Unscripted, Unpredictable, Uncharted.” The festival, founded in 2013 by

uncharted: the berkeley festival of ideas, oct. 27-28
by Sylvia Paull

By Sylvia Paull / Berkeley Blog / Oct. 16, 2016 — This year’s two-day Uncharted: Festival of Ideas, hosted by local Berkeley news site, Berkeleyside, featured an astronomer, a tree-and-water expert, a Muslim feminist standup comedian, a criminal justice reformer, Eve Ensler, and journalists Jay Rosen from NYU and Kathy Kiely, with BillMoyers.com. Despite the range

by Lauren Schiller

Tracey Taylor and Lance Knobel are the co-founders of the “hyper-local” news site Berkeleyside.com and Uncharted, The Berkeley Festival of Ideas. They talked to Lauren Schiller, host of Inflection Point, about the difference between having power and having ideas, and how the Uncharted lineup is diverse by design, unlike other conferences which lean toward the usual (white, male)

by Lou Fancher

East Bay Times / By Lou Fancher / Sept. 26, 2016 The fourth annual Uncharted event, Oct. 14 and 15 at Berkeley Repertory Theatre and Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse in downtown Berkeley, offers everything from cool conversations about what’s cooking in the kitchen of Serious Eats’ Kenji López-Alt to hot topic discussions about food justice, the

by Tracey Taylor

TCHO’s Chief Chocolate Maker Brad Kintzer is to host a special chocolate lab at Berkeleyside’s Uncharted Festival of Ideas, on Friday Oct. 14. Kintzer, who studied botany and has spent months working on cacao plantations throughout Latin America, will provide an insider’s perspective on how cocoa is sourced and offer enlightening chocolate tastings. Also on the program at the two-day

mark bittman
by Tracey Taylor

Mark Bittman, one of America’s most incisive writers about food, has joined the lineup at the fourth annualUncharted Festival of Ideas in Berkeley. Uncharted, a production of Berkeleyside, features some of the world’s edgiest thinkers and creative performers. It takes place over two days in downtown Berkeley. This year’s festival is on Friday Oct. 14 and Saturday

by Tracey Taylor

The Uncharted Radio Hour made its debut on KALW on Thursday Sept. 15 at 7 p.m., broadcasting conversations from the Uncharted Berkeley Festival of Ideas. It was the first of four programs showcasing experts who participated in the 2015 festival. Uncharted, a production of Berkeleyside, features some of the world’s edgiest thinkers and creative performers. It takes place

by Tracey Taylor

Fifteen of the conversations that took place at the Uncharted Berkeley Festival of Ideas in 2015 are available to listen to via podcast. Check out the Uncharted:Berkeley podcast series. The Uncharted:Berkeley podcasts are supported by North Berkeley Investment Partners. Subscribe to the whole series so you don’t miss the next release, either in iTunes or use this RSS feed in your

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