Six reasons why you’ll have a great time at Uncharted

by Lance Knobel

You’ll have a great time at Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas in downtown Berkeley on Friday, Oct. 16 and Saturday, Oct. 17. Here are six reasons why:

1. You’ll have a good laugh: With Tim Caulfield skewering health fads and celebrity misinformation, Kamau Bell in a standup interlude, and Big Bang Theory executive producer and writer Eric Kaplan talking about philosophy (really – he’s working on his philosophy PhD).

2. Shannon Brownlee will make you look at our healthcare system from an entirely new perspective.

3. You’ll learn to ignore all the stupid political horserace coverage and figure out what’s important with Jamelle Bouie.

4. Chris Anderson will explain why you should stop worrying and learn to love drones.

5. You’ll feel good about the future of food after hearing from Anna Lappé.

6. You’ll have a chance to talk about all this and more with fellow festivalgoers at a great Uncharted Party.

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There are dozens of other reasons why you’ll love Uncharted (the six speakers at the top of the post are another six!).