Speakers and performers

We'll be announcing the 2017 Uncharted speakers starting in the spring. Go ahead and browse our 2016 speaker line-up here.

  • Lisa Aliferis

    Communicator and commentator on health

    Lisa Aliferis is Senior Communications Officer of the California Health Care Foundation…Read More

  • Jill Bakehorn

    Exploring gender and sexuality and food cultures

    Jill Bakehorn’s research and teaching interests include feminist theory, gender and sexuality, popular culture and the body, and food cultures…Read More

  • Dennis Baldocchi

    Investigating the water-food-climate nexus

    Dennis Baldocchi is a Professor of Biometeorology at the University of California, Berkeley…Read More

  • sujatha baliga

    National leader in restorative justice

    Sujatha Baliga’s work is characterized by an equal dedication to victims and persons accused of crime…Read More

  • John Battles

    Researching how and why forests change

    John Battles, a professor of forest ecology in the College of Natural Resources at UC Berkeley, has spent the past two decades studying the many forces threatening California’s forests…Read More

  • Mark Bittman

    Driving the conversation on crucial food issues.

    One of America’s best-known and most widely respected food writers, former New York Times columnist Mark Bittman is the author of more than a dozen cookbooks.…Read More

  • Jessie Bridges

    Telling life stories through original songs

    Jessie Bridges is an indie/folk singer-songwriter living in Oakland, California. …Read More

  • Scott Budnick

    Combatting recidivism and making hit films

    Scott Budnick is the Founder and President of The Anti-Recidivism Coalition…Read More

  • Steven Bumgardner

    Filmmaker and explorer known as 'Yosemite Steve'

    Steven M. Bumgardner is a natural history filmmaker whose work focuses on the national parks of the west.…Read More

  • Janet Delaney

    Using her camera to help navigate the world

    Janet Delaney has been practicing photography for over 30 years. Her photographic work explores the line between documentary and fine art…Read More

  • Frances Dinkelspiel

    Berkeleyside co-founder, journalist and writer

    Frances Dinkelspiel is a co-founder of Berkeleyside, Berkeley’s online newspaper…Read More

  • Eve Ensler

    Playwright, activist, performer and author

    Eve Ensler is the author of the theatrical phenomenon and Obie-winning The Vagina Monologues, which has been published in 48 languages and performed in over 140 countries…Read More

  • Corey Fields

    Delving into race, identity and culture

    Corey Fields’ main interests are race, identity, and culture. Within those areas, his research is driven by an interest in the role of identity – at both the individual and collective level – in structuring social life across a range of contexts…Read More

  • Alex Filippenko

    Astronomer and solar eclipse addict

    Alex Filippenko is one of the world’s most highly cited astronomers…Read More

  • Sinead Griffin

    Exploring science, from high energy physics to condensed matter

    Sinead Griffin is a postdoctoral fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and UC Berkeley…Read More

  • Quentin Hardy

    Acute, witty observer of technology and society

    Quentin Hardy is the deputy technology editor for The New York Times.…Read More

  • Andrew Hessel

    Futurist and catalyst in biological technologies

    Andrew Hessel is a catalyst in biological technologies, helping industry, academics, and authorities better understand the changes happening in life science…Read More

  • Aaron James

    Author, Assholes: A Theory of Donald Trump

    Aaron James is a Professor of Philosophy at UC Irvine who focuses on ethics and political philosophy…Read More

  • Kathy Kiely

    Challenging the norms of Beltway journalism

    Kathy Kiely is the commissioning editor for BillMoyers.com…Read More

  • Brad Kintzer

    Expert on the origins and tastes of chocolate.

    Brad Kintzer is the Chief Chocolate Maker at international, award-winning TCHO Chocolate, based in Berkeley, California. Prior to joining TCHO, Brad was chocolate maker and product developer at U.S. bean-to-bar chocolate pioneer, Scharffen Berger …Read More

  • Lance Knobel

    Curator, Uncharted

    Lance Knobel is a co-founder of Berkeleyside, Berkeley’s online newspaper…Read More

  • Michael Krasny

    Scholar, broadcaster and explorer of Jewish humor

    Michael Krasny is a scholar and Professor of English and American Literature, the host of KQED’s “Forum with Michael Krasny,” an award-winning broadcast journalist, and author of two acclaimed books…Read More

  • Peter Leyden

    Peter Leyden

    Reinventing what's next

    Peter Leyden is a leading expert on new technologies and trends shaping the future …Read More

  • Kenji López-Alt

    Better home cooking through science

    Kenji López-Alt is the Managing Culinary Director of Serious Eats, a columnist for Cooking Light, and author of the James Beard Award-winning, New York Times Best-Seller, The Food Lab…Read More

  • Steve Meckfessel

    Funny, other times moving, songwriter

    Steve Meckfessel’s music is “his own blend of urban folk with bits of blues and jazz.” …Read More

  • Nipun Mehta

    Innovator at the intersection of volunteering, technology and gift-economy

    Nipun Mehta is the founder of ServiceSpace, an incubator of projects that works at the intersection of volunteerism, technology and gift-economy…Read More

  • Mix’d Ingrdnts Dance Company

    All styles dance company

    Mix’d Ingrdnts is a multi-ethnic and diverse collective of female artists who work together as an all styles dance company, with the intent of cultivating a stronger community of artists of all ages…Read More

  • Daniel Newman

    Uses technology to reveal influence in government

    Daniel Newman is the Co-Founder and President of MapLight, an organization whose groundbreaking database connects data on campaign contributions, politicians, legislative votes, industries, companies, and more to show patterns of influence never before possible to see…Read More

  • Zahra Noorbakhsh

    Feminist, satirist, Muslim comedian

    Zahra Noorbakhsh is a feminist, satirist, Iranian American comedian…Read More

  • Randi Redmond Oster

    Transforming how healthcare thinks about the patient

    Randi Redmond Oster is the author of Questioning Protocol, which helps patients navigate the healthcare system and medical professionals understand the patient perspective…Read More

  • Kevin Powell

    Powerful political, cultural, literary and hip-hop voice

    Kevin is a native of Jersey City, raised by a single mother in extreme poverty…Read More

  • Ruimin Qiao

    Researching materials for energy applications

    Ruimin Qiao is a postdoctoral researcher in Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. She is an expert in soft x-ray spectroscopy…Read More

  • Jay Rosen

    Incisive critic of the national press and its coverage of politics

    Jay Rosen teaches journalism at New York University, where he has been on the faculty since 1986…Read More

  • Daniel Schifrin

    Writer and curator

    Daniel Schifrin is a writer and teacher living in Berkeley…Read More

  • Lauren Schiller

    Podcaster and broadcaster

    Lauren Schiller is the creator and host of Inflection Point, a nationally syndicated weekly public radio show and podcast featuring conversations with women who are changing the status quo…Read More

  • The Cuband

    Cuban musicians channelling multiple musical influences.

    The Cuband is an alternative/fusion Cuban music project formed in Jan. 2015 by five Cuban musicians based around the San Francisco Bay Area …Read More

  • Tracey Taylor

    Co-founder, Berkeleyside

    Tracey Taylor is a co-founder of Berkeleyside, Berkeley’s online newspaper…Read More

  • Robert Wachter

    Analyzing healthcare in lively, iconoclastic, funny ways

    Robert Wachter, MD is Professor and Interim Chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco…Read More

  • D.B. Walker

    Gritty vocals meet passionate guitar playing

    D.B. Walker is a San Francisco Bay Area native songwriter and fixture on the local club scene. …Read More

  • Ruth Whippman

    In pursuit of happiness

    Ruth Whippman is a British journalist, author and documentary film-maker…Read More

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