Aaron James

Author, Assholes: A Theory of Donald Trump

aaron james

Aaron James is a Professor of Philosophy at UC Irvine who focuses on ethics and political philosophy.
Most of his work is for academics (in professional journals and in a recent book on fairness in the global economy). He plans a book on social practices and global justice, and grander intellectual ambitions, for the long haul, that run across my research areas of moral theory, political philosophy, and the foundations of ethics.

All of this can be strenuous, so he has also begun to dabble in popular writing, in hopes of contributing to public life in more direct and (if he’s lucky) more entertaining ways. He wrote a book about assholes. He has ideas for a book about surfing and what it shows about the human condition, how to live, and capitalism. (He’s been an avid surfer since his early teens, so a book about surfing and philosophy would join his life’s two more central preoccupations.)

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