Daphne White

Journalist and activist

Daphne White is a journalist, playwright, and activist. She began her career in Atlanta and then worked as a journalist in Washington, DC. Her articles and op-eds appeared in The Washington Post; Newsweek; Foundation News & CommentaryHemispheres; National Wildlife Magazine, and others.

In 1995, she founded The Lion & Lamb Project, a national nonprofit devoted to educating parents and policymakers about what children learn when they play with violent video games and toys. She testified before the Senate Commerce Committee immediately after Columbine; put out an annual list of Dirty Dozen violent toys to avoid; and was responsible for the creation of a day-long hearing at the Federal Trade Commission about the marketing of violent entertainment to children.

White moved to Berkeley in 2015, and became a contributor to Berkeleyside. She received a BA in Comparative Literature from Brown University, and a Citizen Cool award from The Ben & Jerry Foundation.

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