Pam Kurtz

Pastor, Lake Merritt Methodist Church, Oakland

Pam Kurtz is a single mom of two teen-aged daughters. She grew up in rural Michigan, about 18 miles from the Indiana border.  She was raised as a Roman Catholic; one of 9 children – third from the youngest. She earned her BA in Political Science from UCLA and graduated from law school. She practiced law for nine years with a focus on criminal law, family law and juvenile law.  After a tough legal decision, she questioned whether she was called to practice law.

Kurtz began attending Trinity United Methodist Church, Mountain View. After attending Discipleship Bible Study, a 34-week study of the Bible, she felt called to ordained ministry. Her pastor and faith community supported her in the process of ordination and in attending seminary at Pacific School of Religion. She is now Pastor of Lake Merritt Methodist Church.

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