Rick Wilson

Republican political strategist

Rick Wilson is a Republican political strategist and media consultant with almost 30 years of experience in national and statewide candidate campaigns, independent expenditure efforts, corporate and government public affairs, brand management and crisis communications. He has elected Governors, U.S. Senators, statewide Cabinet officers and state legislators. His company, Intrepid Media, has served over 100 candidates, state parties, the national committees, SuperPACS, corporate and association clients since its founding.

Rick has produced some of the most effective and controversial political ads of the last two decades, and is in high demand when campaigns need to immediately change the political dynamic. Rick writes opinion and analysis columns for The Daily Beast, the Washington Post, Politico, the Federalist, the New York Daily News, Ricochet, Independent Journal Review and other publications, and is a go-to source for political insight for publications and broadcasters in the U.S. and beyond.

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