Convince your boss

Attending Berkeleyside’s Uncharted is a great way to refresh your thinking, find new perspectives, and meet fellow idea mavens who are eager to expand their horizons. Sure, you could go to yet another industry conference and hear the same old stuff. We’re confident that the range of topics at Uncharted and the diversity of speakers is unprecedented.

Because we’re determined that Uncharted be accessible to a wide range of people, the cost is probably much less than your usual industry events (it’s not an industry event!). So it’s a great opportunity for you and your colleagues to try something entirely new.

Here’s a sample email you could send your boss to convince them:

Hi [insert boss’s name],

Have you heard about Berkeleyside’s Uncharted Festival of Ideas? It’s an annual celebration of thinking on the edge in many domains beyond technology. It takes place in Berkeley, October 5-6, 2018.

Uncharted has been around for five years and what I learn there can help our entire company find new ways of thinking about key global and societal issues.

As an Uncharted attendee, I’ll be able to:

  • Hear conversations with leading thinkers drawn from the many domains where there’s a great Bay Area tradition of innovation.
  • Come together with others to build connections and initiatives.
  • Get out of our too-common tunnel vision for a day or two.

It costs at most $290 for two days (and there are discounted tickets available). You can see more about it on Berkeleyside’s Uncharted Ideas website:

Think it over and let me know if we can discuss this at our next 1:1 meeting.

[Your name]