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Kamar O’Guinn

Fifteen years ago Kamar O’Guinn embarked on a mission to help create educational environments that empower students to determine their futures. Kamar is driven by a desire to bring about the systemic changes needed to help close the achievement gap for students of color. He believes that all students are capable of achieving, and has worked to intentionally align student supports with instructional priorities, leverage community assets and human resources in support of student success.

Kamar has helped public schools, charter schools, and nonprofit organizations design, and implement strategies that assist students in building intellectual, social, and emotional capital required to position themselves as global contributors. He recently joined Berkeley Unified School District as the Manager of the African American Success Project (AASP), a new initiative that serves as a critical cog for improving outcomes for African American Students.

He graduated summa cum laude with a B.A. in Democracy, Arts and Cultural Studies, from California State University, East Bay.