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Lisa Rogovin

Lisa Rogovin, Founder/CEO of Edible Excursions and Curious Cannabis Salon, brings more than 20 years experience in worldwide culinary exploration to Edible Excursions. A longtime California resident, she has a vast knowledge of the Bay Area’s acclaimed food culture. Lisa lives in the epicurean mecca of San Francisco, with her husband and two children, adventurous eaters all.

Before founding Edible Excursions in 2004, Lisa worked as an ad sales manager for the iconic food and travel magazine Gourmet (R.I.P.). She also designed exclusive culinary jaunts for weekend travelers staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in San Francisco. Building on the popularity of these gourmet excursions, she developed her own culinary tour business, formerly known as In the Kitchen with Lisa.

Lisa enjoys sharing the Bay Area’s unique, innovative, and creative edible landscape with both local and visiting food lovers alike. She also supports farmers, artisans, producers, purveyors, and chefs who are socially and environmentally mindful about the food they grow, make, and serve. She is active in CHEFS (Conquering Homelessness Through Employment in Food Services), and four times a year donates a Ferry Building Marketplace tour for students enrolled in the program.

Building on her passion for healthy living through consumption, in 2017 Lisa launched her second business, Curious Cannabis Salon, creating walking tours, events, and learning engagements that connect thoughtful makers of locally-crafted CBD and THC products with consumers seeking better living through cannabis.